Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Illusion of Political Choice

  As time flows day by day we go through our lives, as most people definitely do, thinking and feeling like that we are certainly living in a free world, because we believe we have democracy and so we have the right to voice, argue and defend our opinions, vote and elect our presidents we only see in TV and maybe even protest in the streets for our demands and rights and so perhaps even feel like we changed something. But suppose just for a moment that things are not exactly like that.
  All we have is an utterly false sensation of freedom that we see and feel, only because we are again and again repeatedly told that, through the media we watch on TV, all the various movies we see in the cinema, the radio we hear in our cars, or the people we talk to and we also usually just want to picture the world this way. And so all that we can most definitely do, to alter the political scene is to look at which particular  and specific party from the extreme right to the far left makes us feel better and voice the most logical and right minded arguments from our point of view. And lets be honest it is extremely rare to see someone who truly and really wishes to do more than that, because of the good and benign intentions he feels in his heart. Because as you must have noticed there are certainly not a lot of other options to look at, or ''logical'' voices to follow than the people we watch at TV. But none of them has obviously ever managed and as we go through the years seeing ourselves in the future will ever, unambiguously succeed into solving all problems, otherwise they would apparently already have done it. Each party voices opinions we see they certainly makes sense, but then we easily and naturally notice that they always, every time have drawbacks and limitations, that will be repeatedly said and explained by an other party we definitely do not support, because for sure they do not make us feel confident or good about them. And so the undeniable fact strongly remains in our heart and mind, that each and every one of this red or blue or whatever colour flagged parties, have all without exceptions deficiencies, drawbacks and flaws all the way from the right of the extreme authoritarian to the far left of the anarchists. And so when we think in our mind, as we hear our own inner voice trying to choose between what is right, we will always easily, logically and naturally see from now that none of these ideological packages have all the answers or the solutions. But does that really mean that there are no true answers and actual, effective solutions in all the modern problems of the society we see all around the world and hear always in the news and so we may just feel like the darkness of incapability can surround us all over and just see ourselves giving up? Hell no! Actual, effective and true solutions for the problems that are hurting our world, most definitely exist and can always be found. Neuro Linguistic Programming is one of them. But when the rich and amazing capabilities of NLP persuasion are used for therapeutic purposes, suddenly they are considered by the mainstream as pseudoscience and ignored, while when they are used, for years, for advertisement and mass manipulation by the government they are painted as ''very scientific'' and ''agreeable''. Trump got elected by using excessively language persuasion patterns and NLP in a bad, manipulative and deceptive way that no decent NLP trainer would ever do and yet no one ever speaks or has ever listened about that. Don't believe me that Trump is using a nasty and bad form of NLP? Go see it and discover it out for yourself! Also it is a common fact by now that diseases and the vast majority of health problems have almost always emotional and psychological origins and yet we have never seen any doctor treating them or hear any mainstream media talking about it. Of course by now we can easily imagine that the true reason behind this is the unseen and unspoken quote of the big pharmaceutical companies that says that a patient cured is a client lost. Because if the emotional or psychological problem is not cured, dealt with or at least confronted, the health issue will, as everyone unambiguously notices, come back, persist or simply migrate in a different place. That is obviously as we must see by now the main and primary reason why psychologists and psychiatrists are always unable and inefficient dealing with the actual problems we experience, but are only capable to find the cause of them and work their way around it. Because they have never received or heard the proper instruction of how to actually fix the emotional problem we feel and experience, instead they keep billing us for it, almost never truly helping, and the continuous income we feel unburdening our pockets and the human emotion of greediness keeps them from seeing how totally and utterly wrong they practice their expensive and extravagant profession. Because sadly as we gaze around us we see and recognize that we live in a world where unfortunately feeling your wallet full with money is by far more important and crucial that human health and is also more essential than seeing your clients actually and really improving in a properly meaningful way that will make a noticeable difference in their lives.
  And as anyone can see by now, my examples of how badly rotten our society truly is, can easily go on and on until we feel utterly and completely disturbed and sad by reading this article. But the undeniable fact remains, that for every problem we see out there or hear in the media there are solutions that can totally and truly make us again to really feel good and hopeful for a bright, clear future. But these great solutions, are simply not applied, being put to use or getting anywhere near to the vast amount of recognition they definitely deserve and even more they are never heard off, because they basically do not serve the status quo, who simply as we must have noticed by now, just wants to offer in our hands packages of political ideas and empty promises, who will never solve anything, but at least makes us feel good, for they give us the false sensation of choice, who once again as we see by now is nothing more than a mere seduction. A seduction who is blinding us towards the real problems, by silencing the truly effective solutions. This is all easily happening by the authority feeding us the dark illusion of choice, between unreal, false, ineffective but attractive choices of what is usually but not always a political party who holds imperfect, defective and flaw suggestion that we will easily see exposed by another opposite party who is vocally proposing even more illogical and unbearable suggestions. And so you hear people becoming fanatic and crazy while arguing about their political or religious opinions, not seeing how masterfully they have fallen over this very trap that you by now must effortlessly see and realize. And as you have read this far, from now on and as you view yourself in the future you will always unambiguously for sure be able to easily and naturally gaze beyond this same nasty trap, and notice that in order to find the real and actual solutions with which one can truly make a clear difference, one must look beyond the mere distraction of the political parties, beyond the false boundaries of the right and left wings, set by people with bad and perhaps even evil intentions in their minds, who put ideas and voices in our heads that should not be there. And as we gaze beyond the closed spaced limits set by others, we will manage to clearly see the whole truth and how to actually make a difference in our world, how to properly handle right any problems we may see or be called to face in our future and so we shall elevate above our current selves into a better free person.
   Look beyond, where no one has even looked before, in order to see the answers none has ever imagined before, for the answers we have now, are simply leading us to disaster as we see, hear and sometimes even feel in our skin, our world becoming worse and worse each passing year. Lets change that, because we can definitely do it and as we start and begin to do that, we may allow ourselves to be a little bit more hopeful and confident for the future, because now we undeniably know that there is one more person looking out for our well being, ours and everyone else's, and that person is us.

                                                                                                        Andreas Sarchosis

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